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We specialise in Beachcomber Hot Tubs. Made from the very best materials with exceptional workmanship they are one of the highest quality hot tubs available in the market.

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Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Beachcomber’s range of hot tubs offers you an incredible choice whilst remaining reassuringly familiar in all the key places.

Every Beachcomber hydrotherapy tub is made from the same materials and quality built hot tub workmanship; the only differences are the size and configuration you choose.

There’s no such thing as our bargain or budget model, it’s all quality engineering guaranteed for up to 30 years on the construction and has been proved by the Californian Energy Commission as one of the most energy efficient hot tubs in the world

A Quality Service

Don’t forget, with every installation we also provide full training in how to care for your hot tub including a full maintenance guide and your choice of seven days a week including evenings for us to visit and train you, or to simply do the maintenance ourselves if you don’t have time!

We can also carry out repairs and general servicing as a premier dealer with full diagnostic technician support and over 1600 spare parts always in stock.

Beachcomber 700 Series hot tubs

Beachcomber’s 700 series models are the largest and most feature-rich hot tubs available in the range; made from superb materials and exacting workmanship the Ultimate 700 Series features beautifully designed contour seating, powerful 2 speed pumps, a greater number of Britewerx jets which makes it the ultimate de-stressing machine. Every Beachcomber hot tub has a large footwell with ample room for each user.

Choose from the 7-9 seater Beachcomber 750 hot tub or the 6-8 seat Beachcomber 725 hot tub.

Hot tub health benefits

We specialise in hydrotherapy hot tubs, which are designed by chiropractor who concentrate on relaxing muscles, tension, aches and pains.

Hot tubs have been proven to offer many benefits for your health and well being, and you can read up on some of the details here.

Beachcomber 500 series hot tubs

550Over 30 years of business the Beachcomber 500 series has proved one of the most popular lines, offering a high value balance between customisation possibilities, size and price all built to exceptionally high standards. Comfort, performance and using Britewerx jet combinations to get the best hydrotherapy massage make the 500 series ideal for most buyers.

See the full list of options on the Beachcomber 550 hot tub.

Accessories and chemicals

Of course, keeping your hot tub looking as good as new can require a few chosen accessories and toys!

We sell a complete range of water treatments and accessories for hot tub and swimming pool chemicals to ensure everything stays looking as good as new and safe to use.

Meanwhile our range of accessories and hot tub spa and pool toys offers plenty for younger and older users from safety polycarbonate champagne flutes to floating ducks!

Beachcomber 300 series hot tubs

beachcomber 321Ideal for hot tub first timers or anyone with more limited space, the 300 series offers quality and flexibility in a compact size and shape which is still under a worldwide 30-year guarantee given on construction and is still a hydrotherapy hot tub.

Choose from the Beachcomber 360 hot tub for 6-8 people or the stylish circular Beachcomber 321 hot tub for 4-5 people.

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Whatever model of hot tub you want installed in your garden, get the comprehensive installation and after care service from the dedicated team at Exotic Palms and Spas.

Working across Medway and the whole of the southeast we only install the very best products to really exceptional standards and offer an incredible choice of toys and accessories.

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