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Health Benefits

Hydrotherapy Hot tubsWarmth and water are two of the main ingredients of life, and combining the two regularly can bring a range of health and well being benefits to yours!

A lot of people see hot tubs as a fun luxury accessory for the garden, but there are two types of hot tubs on the market, a fun tub, and a hydrotherapy hot tub, we only sell a full hydrotherapy hot tub. We see them as so much more and increasingly, so do doctors and scientists studying the benefits they can provide. Ranging from simple stress relief and relaxation through to helping sufferers of arthritis, insomnia and diabetes, at Exotic Palms and Spas we think a great hot tub is something every home should have!

Relieve the constant pressure of gravity on your body

Gravity is so consistent its effects add up on our body over time; muscles ache, joints lose flexibility and it’s all getting older every day too!

Increase bloodflow and circulation

A good soak in a Beachcomber hot tub increases blood flow just like exercising, it aids healing and soothes muscles leaving you feeling so much better, and all that is enhanced with Beachcomber’s intelligent ergonomic seating, Britewerx jets and powerful massaging bubbles.

We specialise in hydrotherapy hot tubs, which are designed by chiropractic engineers to sooth muscles, tension, stress and back pain.

Manage the effects of stress in just 20 minutes

Stress is so common in modern life and can affect the body in many negative ways, however spending around 20 minutes every other day in a good quality hot tub has been shown to greatly reduce stress and associated problems like insomnia, headaches, poor circulation and emotional problems.

Just being in warm water triggers a range of beneficial reactions from your body that eases aches and pains. Blood circulation increases and picks up the warmth, penetrating deep into muscles loaded with oxygen that soothes and relaxes.

Healthy Hot TubKick start your immune system

The immune system is also boosted, increasing the flow of healing antibodies and pain killing endorphins.

When you turn on the massage jets and everything multiplies leaving you relaxed, soothed and stress free.

Hot tubs are proven to improve health and fight disease

You’ll be amazed at how much a hot tub can do to combat diseases! Reduce the impact of diabetes and your use of insulin with a 30-minute daily soak, ease the pain and stiffness of arthritis, even feel better when you have a cold increasing virus fighting red blood cells and decongesting your sinuses.

Sleep better after a relaxing soak in a hot tub

Losing sleep is a bad thing for your health and well-being, increased anger and stress, a higher likelihood of injury or obesity and a weakened immune system leads to conflict, tension, stress and more lost sleep in a vicious circle. Studies show a 20-minute soak in the hot tub before bed prepares your body and mind to drift quickly off into a deep and restful sleep.

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Whatever you want one of our amazing Beachcomber hydrotherapy hot tubs for, you will experience a huge range of health and well being benefits just making time for a short soak every now and then.

To learn more contact us today to arrange a survey and estimate with one of our friendly team.