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Beachcomber 340 Leep QS

The next level of affordable luxury moves you into the popular rectangle shaped tub.

Perfect for families, this 340 LEEP model has contoured seating for 5, 2 cooling seats and the option to have up to 81 fully customizable jets. With a little more space and water than the 321, it's ideal for 5 of your closest friends and family to lounge and enjoy a new kind of happy hour.

This small but effective FlexJet targets the muscles in your neck that carry stress, kneading out lactic acid allowing your entire body to truly relax.

Beachcomber’s Flexjets allow users to customize the number of jets and jet patterns to design desired to enjoy the ultimate in personal massage and therapy seating.

Seating: 5 + 2 Cooling Seat

Jetting: Up to 81 Customizable Jets With 20 Water Sockets

Dimensions: 70 x 86 x 34 Inches / 170 x 218 x 86 CM

Dry / Filled Weight: 540 pounds / 290 kilograms / 3143 pounds / 1426 kilograms

Water Capacity: 300 US Gallons / 1136 Litres / 250 UK Gallons