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Beachcomber 360 Leep QS

Ideal for re-connecting with close friends and loved ones outside of the chaos of everyday life. The 360 gives you body contoured seating for 7, one cooling seat and the ability to have up to 100 jets fully customized to fit your needs.

This small but effective FlexJet targets the muscles in your neck that carry stress, kneading out lactic acid allowing your entire body to truly relax.

Need a moment to sit back and soak in the moment? The rest easy seat allows you to do just that. Without turbulent jetting, this seat allows you to relax and enjoy the warm water.

Seating: 6 + 1 Cooling Seat

Jetting: Up to 100 Customizable Jets With 23 Water Sockets

Dimensions: 80 x 88 x 38 Inches / 203 x 224 x 97 CM

Dry / Filled Weight: 650 pounds / 295 kilograms / 3528 pounds / 1601 kilograms

Water Capacity: 345 US Gallons / 1306 Litres / 287 UK Gallons