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Water Treatment

Water Treatment AccessoriesKeeping your hot tub water properly monitored and treated drastically reduces other maintenance and cleaning requirements, and we provide everything you need to get it just right.

More than that, we’ll train you completely in how to treat the water properly, alongside the correct use of cleaning materials and chemicals; if you prefer, you can just call our team in to do it for you but it doesn’t take long to learn or to get done and, of course, saves you money on maintenance costs.

Proper water treatment not only means you have to replace the water less often, it also helps keep everything clean and prevents problems like water algae.

Hot Tub Chemicals

Our range of water treatment equipment

  • Easy to use Cool Pooltesters
  • Cool Pooltester refills
  • Insta-test instant water testing
  • Extenda Spa Skim for removing leaves
  • Filter Flosser to maintain filter efficiency
  • Floating chemical and treatment dispensers
  • Hand skimmers and scoops
  • Replacement hot tub filters
  • All kinds of water and tub cleaning equipment

Hot Tub ChemicalsWe offer the best equipMent and advice on hot tubs

Whether you are a new hot tub owner or an experienced one we’re always happy to offer advice on the best ways to care for your hot tub and the water in it; getting the right technique and combination of equipment and hot tub chemicals saves you money and time and greatly enhances the experience of using the tub.

Exotic Palms and Spas offer over a decade of experience in supplying clients with the very best equipment and products in the hot tub and pools marketplace, from our range of fun hot tub and pool toys and essential accessories through to hot tub lighting and the amazing range of BeefEater barbecues.

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We’ve got everything you need for a fantastic all year round experience enjoying your garden and hot tub!

To learn more about our range of water treatment products contact us todayand our friendly team will be happy to offer expert advice or take your orders over the phone for quick delivery to your door.